🌴 Welcome to Legends of the Hidden Playa! 🌴

Prepare for an EPIC Burning Man Adventure!

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🐒 Who We Are 🦜

We are group of friends and friend's friends, typically between 20-30 people. We bring a mind-bending (if not concussion producing), reality-warping, ghetto-tastic escape room / maze to the playa.

Legends of the Hidden Playa Crew
Trash bag shirts are in for 2023!

Where Are We?

4:30 G plaza @ 12:45

We're on a Plaza this year! w00t!

🎉 Our MIND-BLOWING Maze Experience 🎭

Get ready for an INSANE(ly ghetto) interactive journey as we (and sometimes strangers) hastle and embarrass you through the intricate mess of scaffolding, wires, and ropes while quizzing you on Burning Man trivia, satire, and other ridiculous nonsense as you race through the maze to get the best time on our leader board.

Maze Entrance
Hey kids, want some candy?

🍃 Art thou ready? 🎁

🏕️ Camp Life 🌴

Most of us are in our 30s-40s with the majority from California, Austin, Portland, and Salt Lake.

We aim to stay under 35 people with a mix of veterans and new comers. This encourages everyone to know everyone in camp.

To help make playa life more enjoyable camp provides:

What we don't do

🌈 Photos 📸

Camp Common Area
Part of the camp common area.
Camp at Night
Full service kind of place!
Build Week
Tent Shade
Shade for Tent Campers
Build Group
Pre Playa Prep
Camp Kirkland featuring YurtsRUs

🎪 Join the Madness! 🎉

Think you'd fit in with us? We'd love to hear from you! Fill out this form and we'll get in touch!

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